Looking for supporters for a Thai Missonary

Hello friends ☺️ I’m looking for financial supporters for a Thai missionary, so please continue to read and give any amount at the link at the end if you feel led to (even $20 helps a lot). If you feel led to be a monthly supporter, please message me so I can get you in contact with her.

Read Mina’s latest missions update as of May 2018.


This is my friend Minalynn. Minalynn is a Thai Christian who is a full-time missionary in Thailand, which means it’s EXTREMELY difficult to get financial support. She faces a lot of persecution because Thailand is a Buddhist nation. Buddhism isn’t just a religion here; it’s a part of the culture and identity of the Thai people. To be Thai and deny Buddhism and say you’re Christian means you’ll be shamed, condemned, persecuted, and looked down upon because you’re denying your Thai identity. It’s also not common for Thai churches to support Thai missionaries that don’t heavily serve at their church, so no churches currently support her because she serves full-time on a missionary base. She has dedicated her life to Jesus in the midst of persecution, but finding partners to help her continue to walk in her calling requires more assistance than most.

Minalynn actually met Jesus just over a year ago by stumbling onto the YWAM Chiang Mai base that she serves on today. Her testimony can be found in this attached Mailchimp newsletter, and by divine appointment, Mina accepted Jesus as Lord and has been following Him ever since.

Mina’s greatest role as a missionary is actually serving as a translator. She goes with every DTS to their ministry times and translates from English to Thai and Thai to English. She’s one of the biggest reasons why students can preach the gospel, share their testimonies, pray for strangers, and show the love of Jesus to Thai people. Jesus is using Mina as a bridge to fill the gap between Thailand and himself.

Mina is also translating the Freedom Manual from English to Thai. The Freedom Manual is a really powerful tool for DTS students to use to break off spiritual strongholds like passivity and shame so that they can walk in the fullness of freedom Jesus has given them. I know that through the help of the Freedom Manual, Jesus set me free from so many things, and with her translating it to Thai, I know the Thai people and Thai students will receive a greater amount of freedom.

Mina also serves with ANHOP at this YWAM Chiang Mai base, which is a version of IHOP KC. It’s an intercessory prayer and worship team that plays live sets and streams worldwide to encourage and build up believers. She also helps teach swimming to local Thai students, preaches at churches, helps with social media and marketing for the CM base, disciples students, and literally serves this base in any and all ways possible. Mina is one of the most humble, fiery, and joyful women I know— which is why I felt led to share her story and ask you to help her as she does what she is called to do.

I briefly talked to her a couple of days ago, inquiring about her financial support. She said she only had two supporters who were friends from when she did DTS in America and still struggled to pay rent and food sometimes. I’ve seen her in action— memorizing everything we say and translating it so that people can hear the gospel— and can I just say that she is AMAZING. I never realized how important the role is of a translator on the mission field, and I know that she’s made such a huge impact in Thailand already. She also loves people so well and really cares for each soul just like Jesus will leave the 99 for the one. Mina has the biggest heart for discipleship and evangelism and has been so faithful to the call God placed in her life. She’s just all around an amazing leader, sister, and friend.

But as Jesus said in Mark 6:4, a prophet has no honor in his country, it’s hard for Mina to get support from Thai churches and she gets zero support from her family and friends. But that’s where you can help. So please, consider being a monthly supporter for Mina. Having monthly supporters is the most sustainable way for her to continue her call. She is a long-term missionary, so your support will help propel her further into the field. Even $30 or $50 a month helps so much. I will get you in contact with her if you’d like to talk to her before supporting her ☺️

If you’d like to just support her anonymously with a one-time gift or monthly support, you can give to her at http://www.paypal.me/pepperrose. Any amount really goes a long way!!

Thanks for reading and for supporting her in advance. Mina truly is a gift from God to minister in Thailand and is doing great works for the kingdom. Please keep her in your prayers, especially regarding the persecution from her family and financial provision. Thank you ☺️💛

Read her story: https://mailchi.mp/60d8333c0da9/my-story-and-future-plans-for-ministry

Donation Link: https://paypal.me/pepperrose

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