This banner set is designed to be used at tradeshows where the product is displayed at. The first red banner is to attract people to the booth, with just a hint of sass to appeal to end-users. This banner can be used with the other two banners or can be stand-alone. The second and third … Continue reading Banners


This set of cards was designed for a non-profit organization, Youth with a Mission, in Kansas City for them to pass out during events. These cards summarized three different schools offered at the base and draw people to take action and text either the base or visit the website to learn more.


This catalog was a project done during a period of redesigning all print material. I decided to go with a bigger size of paper of 11″x17″ (originally letter size) to enhance the user’s understanding of the result sheet on the back–which is the product’s main selling point. The inside of the catalog provides users a … Continue reading Catalog

Water Bottles

I designed a logo for this water bottle to raise money for my 2-year missions trip. This logo is reflective of Psalm 27:14:”Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”

Congratulations Card

This wedding card was designed for one of my coworkers who threw a wedding after getting married. It’s a simple card that was signed by our entire marketing team. It says “Congratulations on your wedding”. ​ Shout out to Ryan if you see this! Hope you have a lifetime of love and happiness!


Designed a pocket tee, sold at $25, to raise money for my 1.5 year YWAM trip. The design says “Loved by the King” and features a landscape background.


These set of flyers were done for four industries- fitness, weight loss, nutrition, and medical- and were divided into B2B and B2C target audiences for a total of 8 different flyers. Called “intro flyers”, these were designed to grab people’s attention at trade shows or for a business to grab the attention of their customers … Continue reading FLYERS


Self-teaching myself HTML, CSS, and liquid syntax, I created new pages and edited the design of InBody’s website on Shopify– an e-commerce platform. My biggest project was designing new product pages that could be strong enough to generate an inquiry without the use of a salesperson. The company went from 0-5 inquiries a month in … Continue reading WEBSITE DESIGN AND FRONT-END CODING

Graphic Wallpapers

This is a side project/hobby of converting contemporary Christian lyrics into phone screen backgrounds, 13″ laptop wallpapers, Facebook photo covers, and Instagram posts. Visit the full collection at http://www.worshipwallpapers.com.


I designed a support letter and prayer request card for a friend of mine. The designs of both tie together with similar fonts and vector styles to match with her personality. Simple and cute. The support letter is letter sized, and the prayer request cards fit 8 to a page. Her contact information has been … Continue reading LETTERS

Zambia 2017 Outreach Pictures